Are you trying to be everything to everyone and forgetting who you ARE in the process?

I believe that every mother wants her daughter to be independent, to use her voice and to know her inherent self-worth.

I’m willing to bet that if you came here you are probably fiercely devoted to your daughter or son and you will do whatever it takes to raise your children to stand on their own two feet and live the life they want. 

But sometimes, like me, you may forget that in order to empower your daughter you have to be a role model for her.  This doesn’t mean you have to strive to model perfection--an unobtainable ideal that will only set your daughter up for a lifetime of constantly feeling like she doesn’t measure up, but rather to accept herself as more than enough, as being worthy simply because she exists, and how to armor herself from the inevitable jabs life will thrust her way.

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One of my breakthrough moments came inside a “Red Tent” - a warm, cozy, sensual woman-only space while I was at a women’s conference.  After attending a series of workshops--everything from eating disorders to cyberbullying to sexual assault, I broke down in tears because I was terrified about all of the potential dangers my daughters would face once they became teenagers.  I knew that my anxiety was over the top and that I needed to get informed. 

I also realized how much I needed to reconnect with the part of myself that I put aside when I became a mother.  It was then that I knew I had a whole lot more healing to do and much of this healing would happen more easily in the company of like-minded mamas.  Healing work can be difficult, but in a safe space and calm, centered mindset, you will find that more and more you can tap into your inner power, and live a juicy, wildly fun, grounded life. 

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I invite you to join my community by downloading the complimentary chapter “The Body Temple” from my best-selling book, The Way of the Warrior Mama and be the first to know when spots open up to work with me!

Through one-on-one coaching, and facilitating in-person and virtual women’s workshops, I am passionate about helping women find community and rediscover their self-worth and express all of themselves. 

To find community and learn the tools to reconnect with yourself and reclaim all parts of yourself come inside the Red Tent. 

I  lead in-person and virtual online gatherings for a select number of women open to transforming their lives. 




As a gift to the moms and any woman in need out there, get “The Body Temple” from my best-selling first book, “The Way of The Warrior Mama.”

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