Official Launch Date for The Way of The Warrior Mama

It’s finally here! Today, December 11, 2018 – the official launch date for my book.

The Way of the Warrior Mama shows parents how to protect their teenage daughter and conquer their own fears in raising her.

If you are a mom, you are worried about your daughter surviving the adolescent years safe and sound. In a culture that encourages kids to be sexy long before they reach puberty, and when one in four college women report surviving rape or attempted rape and one in ten high school girls is the victim of date rape, the prospect of raising a teenage girl can be daunting. By tackling the subject of sexual assault head-on, Sally Clark offers a roadmap to navigating one of the most treacherous parts of the journey from girlhood to womanhood. Sally speaks directly to moms who are overly anxious about keeping their daughters safe and shows them that the crucial element in raising a strong, resilient daughter lies in healing and addressing their own adolescent wounds. Through interviews with experts and leading practitioners in fields ranging from adolescent psychology to mindful self-compassion, The Way of the Warrior Mama teaches proven, concrete, and innovative techniques to dramatically reduce parenting stress and increase mothers’ faith that they can protect their daughter.

Reader Reviews

“I love this book. It is a unique offering for today’s mother in that Sally Clark takes you on a journey of her own personal healing from experiencing sexual trauma as a teenager (and stuffing it down), to beginning a healing journey in her 30’s and moving from survivor to thriving, and facing the unique challenges that life presented her as a mother to two daughters. She does not pretend to have all the answers, instead she shares her own truth and also, utilizing her strength as a trained journalist, investigates and shares the wisdom from other experts in the field who are helping women recover from trauma and raise strong and healthy daughters. If you loved the Red Tent, are interested in goddess culture and creative tools to help you on your own journey, then please take the time to read this treasure of a book.” – Heather Gray

“In this book Sally Clark gives voice to the very real fear, we as mothers and women face. I often worry about how my daughter will manage the first time someone crosses a boundary for her. Hoping beyond hope I have given her the skills to know and own power and be able to manage the situation in a way that keeps her safe and not make to feel shame or small somehow. Bravo on bringing light to a subject we like to avoid and providing guidance for us as mothers to encourage them to be big and fearless.” – Leah C.

“Clark tackles the complexities of being a girl, a woman then a mother in our often brutal culture and sets a path for self discovery that is as serious as it is fun. I very much enjoyed this book and immediately found myself integrating Clark’s practical advice into my daily routine as a mother of a young daughter and son.” – Erin A.

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