Every interview is really just like having another engaging conversation with a new person.

It’s also a learning opportunity each time as I get a better sense of what issues are dominating the minds of the audience and the healing power of telling my story and the stories of so many other wise women.  


“There is a generation of passionate #metoo mamas, trying to sort out how to raise sexually healthy, happy, empowered girls.  In The Way of the Warrior Mama, Sally Clark brings a first-hand account to this dilemma with compassion and integrity.”

Sharon Maxwell

Ph.D. Author of The Talk: A Breakthrough Guide to Raising Kids in on Over-Sexualized, Online, In-Your-Face World


'Sally walks the delicate line between every parent's anxiety of sexual violence being directed towards their daughter and balances this with giving hope and practical advice. Most of all this book can serve as a calming and clear guide to help you know the right thing to say as your girl grows into young womanhood. As a father of two daughters, I am grateful for the ground that this book breaks.”

Kim John Payne M.ED.

Author of Simplicity Parenting and The Soul of Discipline



As a gift to the moms and any woman in need out there, get “The Body Temple” from my best-selling first book, “The Way of The Warrior Mama.”

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