Imagine embracing and loving all the different sides of you…

Does the idea of “self-care” seem fantastic in theory but nearly impossible in reality?

Growing up in the cowgirl country of Calgary, Alberta Canada, I never imagined that one day I would travel to Paris and New York City to work on documentary films that investigated the abuses of cult leaders, the effects of pollution on the environment and sexuality, and the Ecstasy drug problem among teenagers.

But perhaps because I am a survivor of sexual trauma, it’s not as far fetched as one might think. Deep down, all along, I knew that I was meant to explore and expose the issues facing girls and women today. After graduating from the Columbia Journalism School, I worked for acclaimed author Naomi Wolf on her book Misconceptions: Truth, Lies, and the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood and with Lili Fournier, producer of the Women of Wisdom and Power series about the Mount Holyoke teen girls’ leadership program: Take the Lead.

I decided to take the lead myself in 2000, launched Cowgirl Productions, and directed the award-winning documentary “Cowgirls” that delved into the lives of the brave, savvy, and unfettered women of the rodeo circuit. The making of this documentary really brought home to me the importance of women allowing themselves to express and revel in who they are...balancing their femininity with strength, their compassion with toughness, and their fierce desire to excel on their terms.

As a graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and Alison Armstrong’s Understanding Men and Women workshops, it has given me great pleasure to teach and become an advisory board member for the nonprofit ACT NOW, which teaches film and leadership skills to preteen girls. I’ve also had the honor of producing an artist fundraiser for the nation’s largest victims’ assistance program Safe Horizon.

I embrace my busy, beautiful, messy life where I am able to fully express who I truly am and strive to not only teach but also model what strong, graceful perfectly imperfect femininity is to my daughters.

In addition to coaching and co-leading women's circles, I do the daily dance of marriage with the light and love of my life, and of raising our daughters in New York’s beautiful Hudson valley.

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