The Guide for Raising Strong Girls and Keeping Them Safe

The Way of the Warrior MamaThe statistics are real, and they are frightening. Today one in four college women report surviving rape or attempted rape. One in ten high school girls is the victim of date rape. A candidate can publicly boast about groping a women’s private parts and still be elected president. The prospect of raising a teenage daughter can seem like a crazy-making process. Columbia Journalism School graduate, mother of two and sexual assault survivor Sally Clark has over 20 years’ experience in covering women’s and girls’ issues. Through interviews with experts, sexual assault survivors and leading practitioners in fields ranging from adolescent psychology to mindful self-compassion, this invaluable guide will dramatically reduce your parenting stress and give you faith that you can protect your daughter from experiencing sexual trauma.

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The Way of the Warrior Mama – Award-Winning Finalist in the Parenting & Family category of the 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest.

The Way of the Warrior Mama received the CIPA EVVY Merit award in both the Parenting and Family category and Self-Help category.2018 CIPA EVVY Merit Award

The original version of The Way of The Warrior Mama was a best seller on Amazon in three categories: Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and Motherhood.
Best seller in adolescent psychology

Best seller in child psychology

Best seller in motherhood